Friday, October 26, 2012

My Oct...

My Oct? What Oct, huh? Both of Octopus and October :p *giggle*
Hey you, my Octopus! Another post for you. Thanks for everything that you have given to me. That unlimited love, that patience that has no limits, those meals for my breakfast *haha* , everything. Love you more and more.

Just faced a huge gigantic problem this week. So sorry bout that, bout everything that I've ever done, bout everything that I had in my past. But, I swear that those things will never happen again in my life. You can take my words. Sorry bout those mistakes that I did. Sorry for making you disappointed. I can't change everything that you think right now, I have no control over it. I'm sure that I hurting you a lot :(

But ...

You chose to stay, big thanks for that. Love you!

The point is ...  every-relationship that ever had a big problem in it ... only has two result at the end ...
Leave a permanent scar and decide to say goodbye to each other,
or ...
You choose to stay, heal it slowly, and everything will be getting stronger than before :)

the one who aren't as perfect
as you "thought" 
few weeks ago :"