Saturday, July 6, 2013

Minions: Mocca Song + Lyrics

falito marakee pochi MOCCA
patachi patata moja MOCCA
linguini maradee loto na do re do re naa
lapa take alo tubu dewaa
lapa take alo tubu dewaa
palake lemiju
palaku lenoka
kappapo kule PAPRIKA
lapa take alo tubu dewaa
lapa take alo tubu dewaa
linda lulebodo lile CARBONARA
ledeshi lede GARLIC laaa (repeat 3x)

Monday, July 1, 2013

My First '1st'

"It ain't about how we started since I don't really remember how all these things get started. But, it's all about how we going through this ... until our first year. Because of you, I believe there's a rainbow after the rain ... and even a hurricane. And I believe there's so many good things after the worst thing. I believe and I know that ... Trouble is around us. We can't ignore it. We just have to face it. Cause "if two people really love each other, no matter how hard it is, it's always gonna work". Glad to know you and being around you all this year. All I have to do is keeping you beside me. No matter what and no matter how hard it will. You can take my words."

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Everything Has Changed

what a love story ... *sobbed*


Taylor's new MV. One of my favourite songs on RED. This video makes me love this song more and more. Sometimes we just have to face everything that we have in present without worrying the future. Cause one day ... We'll realize and say "Everything Has Changed" no matter how hard we keep it on the way it supposed to be :"

Monday, June 3, 2013

this kind of people

I hate this kind of people who:
make an exception and act like nothing happen if he/she can't do something but when others can't do it (or maybe in worse situation) he/she get angry and ask or say something wasn't good so we change our mind. damn you! more tolerant, please!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Maybe I think (too) Out of the Box

Currently I play Cafeland on Facebook, this is the only reason why I open Facebook everyday since Facebook doesn't have anything that can make me want to open it. Today I tried another game on it. It is Criminal Case.
Shortly ... I got some clues from crime scene: the suspect is right handed, according to the witness the suspect was wearing a blue cap, and I found a blue jersey with "9" on it in the crime scene. When I had to arrest the suspect, they had two mans.
The first one: right handed, wearing blue cap, wearing t-shirt and jacket; and
The second one: right handed, wearing blue cap, and wearing blue jersey with "9' on it. So, I picked the first one to be arrested since I found that kind of jersey on the crime scene. It is impossible to him to wear the same jersey when he got arrested, right. Cause that jersey had been found on the crime scene, huh? Then I got wrong, the game said that the first one is innocent cause it doesnt match to the clues and the guilty one is the second one. Oh, come on ... It doesnt make any sense for me.

The point is not the game. People say that "you have to think out of the box so you can make something new and make any differences with other people". But maybe I'm too deep on to it --"