Monday, September 24, 2012

for the one who can't be told

Hey, there. I have no idea what kind of post that I have posted rite now. It's not my thought, It's not my story. But lemme call it as a Love Letter. This is for you ...

First, I'm not good in making a sweet-perfect sentences that can make you smile and think bout those sentences all over again. Second, I don't have any ability to say nor write a good things to make you happy and keep it in your mind for ... ever. But, I have that feeling that you can keep it in your heart. 
I can't remember how we talked each other then became closer and closer. I can't remember when we smiled each other for the first time. I can't remember how those crazy-random things that we said to tease each other turned into cute-sweet things that we say from our deep heart. Haha. But, I can remember every single thing we have ever done till today clearly rite now.
Sometimes, I feel that everything that you did are too cute when I realized that the one who did it is ... you. Engghhh, haha. You treat me well and I feel like a spoiled child cause I can't do anything to do the same thing for you. It's one sided. When I said this thing to you then you asked what I want, my answer will be the same like always, "what I want is always everything that you want". Sometimes everything that lame needs to have something that can make it one sided to keep it balance. Then, thanks for making me balance. Haha. 
Tonight, everything is getting weird. You called my name like others call me and it sounds so wrong for me. It's my bad. It's going wrong since I said that I'm bored. I'm not bored on you. I just bored of looking for a topic or whatever so we can talk all over again. Sometimes, I got stuck and couldn't find anything to be said nor to be asked cause I think we have known everything bout each of us well. I'm not bored on you and will never ever bored on you. That's the point. 
I can't do cute things to prove that I love you. I don't have any ability to do that. But I hope you can feel it. Just remember the way I look into your eyes and smile. Just remember the way when I see your face and giggle.
Well, it's getting more random. Well, let hit the publish button before this writing getting more cheesy. Haha. 

Love you!

Your Stubborn-Chicken

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